About & FAQ

Our customers mean everything to us, and we will go above and beyond to deliver happiness to them

– The Canvas Print Co Team

At Canvas Print Co, we deliver a warm and friendly experience to every customer.

  • We aim to please, and this shines through in everything we do.
  • We want every customer to have a positive and enjoyable experience, not just in their first encounter, but on an ongoing basis.
  • We are professional and efficient at what we do, but we still put love, care and thought into everything that we do.

From our humble beginnings of supplying prints to our friends and family, Canvas Print Co has transformed itself into a nationwide supplier of premium quality stretched canvas prints.
Catering to the needs of photographers, designers, corporates, resellers and the general public, our work can be seen all over the country.
We’re so excited to announce that our premium offering has now been expanded to include wood prints, framed prints and Perspex acrylic prints.


We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service to you, so we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding our canvas prints, woods prints, framed prints and Perspex acrylic prints.
If you don’t find what you are looking for, or have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I order with you?

Our ordering process is quite simple.  You can place an online order by following the prompts on the Get Started page. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us directly via our inquiry form, email, or phone, and we will assist you in processing your order offline.

How long will you take to get back to me?

Each and every email is read and replied to within one hour of the working day. We pride ourselves on our efficient customer service. Our office hours are 8:00am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

I need my canvas by a certain date. What do I do?

Just send us an inquiry and let us know the date you need your canvas print by. We will do our absolute best to accommodate your request.

What type of files do you accept for images?

We accept JPG, PDF and TIFF file formats. Alternatively, a high resolution scanner works perfectly fine for all hard copy images. You can then email us or upload the scanned file. We’ll do the rest.

What is the maximum file size that I can upload onto your website?

The maximum file size for website uploading is 20MB. If you have a file that is substantially larger than this, we recommend that you use www.dropbox.com or www.hightail.com to send us your image file.

Your upload tool is confusing/keeps freezing/takes too long. Is there another way I can get my artwork to you?

Yes, absolutely. You are welcome to email us directly, or utilize a fileshare program. We use www.dropbox.com , and www.hightail.com .

I would like to change the image that I originally submitted. How do I do this?

Please contact us as soon as possible via email, or give us a call, and we’ll provide you with instructions on how to send a new image.

Do your prices include stretching/mounting?

Yes. All of our prices include stretching over a 44mm Superwood frame.

What if I don’t want a stretched canvas, can you produce loose canvas prints?

We are happy to print your image onto loose canvas for you. Just send us an inquiry and we’ll quote you a price for this.

What material do you print on?

We print on ‘Picasso’ canvas material. This is the highest grade of canvas available on the market and is renowned for its gorgeous colour vibrancy and longevity. This canvas is water resistant, and has a beautiful satin finish.

Do you use a glaze/laminate/varnish on your prints?

Due to the light stability and water fastness of both our canvas and the inks we print with, no additional finishing is required.

Will my print fade/lose colour?

Under normal lighting conditions, our canvas prints are guaranteed to not fade for up to 50 years.

Do you offer any sizes larger or smaller than the options on your pricing page?

Yes, we are happy to assist you with a custom size canvas. Please send us an inquiry with the size you are looking for and we will assist you.

What kind of wood do you use for your frames?

We use a 44mm Superwood frame for extra strength, prevension of warping, and better dimensional accuracy.

Why do you use such a thick frame?

We believe that every canvas is an artwork and should be displayed proudly on your walls, and a thick frame achieves this perfectly.

What is the 100% Love Guarantee?

We want you to be 100% happy with your order, so if you don’t completely love your canvas print we will replace it free of charge.

How do I hang my canvas?

All our canvas prints come with a brass hanger and screws that are easy to attach to your canvas. After that, all you will need is a hook or nail in the wall.

How do I clean my canvas?

The best way to remove dust collection is with a soft duster. For cleaning of the canvas you can use a soft damp cloth on the face and edges of the print, without damaging the canvas.

Can I hang my canvas outside?

Although our canvas inks are UV protected, no artwork should ever be left in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Can I hang my canvas in a bathroom or humid area?

Canvas is a natural product and our frames are made of wood. This gives our product the tendency to shrink or swell in these types of conditions. You should not hang your canvas in a bathroom or directly over a heat source.

What size does my image need to be?

It all depends on the size canvas you are looking to print. For small canvas prints 500kb – 1MB is perfectly fine, for larger prints, anything over 1MB is acceptable. If you have any hesitations, please send us your image file and we can advise you on whether it is suitable for canvas printing.

Can I put more than one image onto a canvas, like a collage?

Yes, absolutely. Just let us know how many images you would like and what size canvas you are looking for and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Can I spread one image over a number of different canvas prints?

Yes, absolutely. We can split your image over a number of canvas prints of the same size, or even different sizes. Just send us an inquiry with your ideas and we will assist you.

I have an old photo that I would like to put onto canvas, can this be done?

Yes, absolutely. Old photos, as well as drawings, sketches or artwork can be reproduced onto canvas, and sometimes look even better than the original.

Can I send a picture in for you to scan?

Yes, absolutely. Send us an email and we’ll provide you with a contact address to send your image to. We will then scan it and send it back to you, with your canvas.

Can you touch up my image?

We are able to do basic touch ups, such as blemish removal, cropping and adding colour effects. More comprehensive artwork requirements may incur an artwork fee.

Can I add text to my image?

Yes, with pleasure. Just let us know the text you require, where you would like it located on the canvas, and an idea of the type of font and size you would like. We will than add our own touch and send you a layout for approval.

Do you have colour options for edging besides black and white?

Yes, we can colour match your edge to any colour of your choice. Please contact us and let us know your preference and we will do our best to assist you.

What resolution do I need to supply my artwork in?

Anything above 100dpi, at the actual size will be suitable for canvas printing. The higher the resolution of the image, the more defined the quality will be.

I am worried that my canvas will not turn out the same colour as my image. What do you do to ensure this does not happen?

All our monitors are calibrated to ensure that your image colours remain exactly the same when printed. Although an exact colour match cannot always be guaranteed, we do our absolute best to keep the colours as exact as possible.

Do you have a Privacy policy with regards to images?

We would never use your images in any manner other than to print them for you.

How long will it take to receive my canvas?

For a breakdown of delivery costs and lead times based on your location, please visit our delivery page.

Can I collect my canvas?

Yes, absolutely. As soon as your canvas is ready for collection, we will provide you with a collection address for our Durban Showroom.

Can you deliver to my farm? I am located in the North West Province.

We can deliver anywhere in the country, but sometimes we’ll need you to meet us in town if you live on a farm.

Will I get a tracking number once my order has shipped?

Yes, all orders that leave our office are sent with a tracking number, this is emailed to you as soon as we have confirmed dispatch.

How safe is my canvas for transport?

We bubble wrap and secure all of our canvas prints in thick cardboard packaging. These are all labeled with fragile stickers. Our canvas prints are sure to reach their destination safely and unharmed.

My piece has been damaged upon arrival, what do I do?

While we make every effort to ensure that your canvas arrives in perfect condition, sometimes accidents do happen. Please take photos of the damage for us and contact us immediately. We will replace your damaged print with absolute urgency.

I am not happy with the canvas print I have received. How do I go about returning it?

Before you return it, let us replace it for you. We are 100% committed to making you happy. If you absolutely want a refund, please contact us.

What are my payment options?

If you are ordering from our website, you will be redirected to a secure server for payment via Payfast, where you can pay via credit card or Instant EFT.  If you wish to order over email, then you will have the option of paying via EFT, Direct Deposit or Credit Card .

Why am I being charged before I receive my canvas?

Everything we make is custom ordered and produced on demand; therefore we must bill you before we can begin any work. Don’t worry, we offer 100% Love guarantee.

Do you offer discounts for artists, designers, photographers, corporate clients?

Yes, we do offer a discounted rate to qualifying partners. Please send us an email with your requirements and estimated monthly volumes, and we’ll be in touch.