What is Acrylic Printing?

Did you know?

Acrylic Prints are also commonly referred to as Perspex prints, depending on who you are speaking to and which country you are purchasing in.  It is effectively the same thing – just a different name.

Just think tom-ay-toe and tom-aah-toe.

There are also a few people who refer to Acrylic / Perspex Prints as glass prints.

We find this quite misleading and it is incorrect for one simple reason – they are not made of glass.

Yes, the glass looks and sounds more grown up – we’d all rather drink out of a glass than a plastic cup at a restaurant.  However, it is not very practical when we need to courier a large 2000mm x 1800mm print to the Cape for a fancy winery to hang up in one of their lounges.

And let’s be honest – most of us couldn’t tell the difference between acrylic or glass when standing a meter away and not being able to tap it with a finger 😉

canvas print co signage - acrylic

How do we make Acrylic Prints?

Acrylic Printing is a fairly simple process but it requires precision and attention to detail.  Your photos are printed in high resolution onto a long-lasting polymeric film and then reverse mounted to a 3mm optically clear acrylic sheet.  A white polymeric film backing allows the colours to pop through the face of the acrylic, creating a wonderful 3D effect.  You have the additional option of adding chrome spacers to use for installation – which we think adds to the wow factor.

Acrylic - Close up - spacers

Why should I choose an Acrylic Print?

Acrylic printing is a modern way to showcase your gorgeous pictures.  It is high-gloss and produces a beautiful glass-like finish, fitting in perfectly with any room and style.

We have worked with many interior decorators (both professional and DIY gurus) and our custom acrylic prints are a definite favourite for modern spaces.  Complimenting glossy granite and marble countertops and big window walls, its slender profile extends the lines of modern finishes around your home or office.

Acrylic Printing allows you to create a unique print that can be manufactured to your exact size specifications, between a minimum size of 150mm x 150mm to a maximum size of 1200mm x 2400mm.  You have the freedom to use any high-resolution digital image that you choose – whether it is a photo from your own collection, a stock photo purchased online, or digital design that you love.

Here are a few popular areas where our customers have placed their acrylic prints:

  • personal photos in your living room – create a photo wall or make a statement with one large print
  • serene images in your bathroom – steam is no match for these durable prints
  • corporate branding and logos in or outside of your office – acrylic prints can withstand the elements


We have a few fabulous examples to share with you, but we’re going to save those for the next few blog posts so come back and have a look for yourself.  We will share each new post on our social media pages so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular tips and news.

You can also find more inspiration on our Pinterest boards and you are welcome to get in touch with our sales and design team to discuss your ideas.

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