Words can hold such power and they have the potential to stir emotions and ideas in all of us.  They can remind us of special moments from our past, encourage us to work through challenges in our present and inspire us to have courage for the unknown future.

Printing photos onto canvas is a wonderful way to preserve your special memories.  We receive hundreds of orders per week from customers who want their professional wedding, maternity, newborn and family shoot images printed.  That is not yet taking into account all of the amazing family and holiday snapshots, social media shared images and digital artwork that we also get.

A photo canvas is already a great way to have a unique image up on your wall, but why not consider adding text to your canvas prints.  The possibilities are endless, and you are only limited by your imagination.

We have produced many canvas prints with text over the years and it appears to be a popular choice lately.  Here are a few of our favourite ideas for adding text to photo canvas prints, or even just creating word art:

Use emotions:

Add words or phrases that describe the emotions of the day, or express more specifically how this memory or person makes you feel.  If you do a simple google search for ‘feeling words’  then you can find a long list of similar words to use instead of the most commonly used emotional descriptions.  A few of the obvious suggestions for positive feelings are listed below:

  • happy
  • love
  • blessed
  • inspired


Add details:

Adding a description to a collage of holiday snapshots is a great way to record the adventures you have had, especially if you do multiple collages all depicting different holidays or events.  We love this idea of adding your basic itinerary and the travel date to the side of a collage, or noting the reason for a special event.

Picture1 (2)

Share a promise:

Adding your vows to your favourite wedding images can be a wonderful way to affirm the promise you have made to each other.  It adds an extra layer of deep meaning to the print and is something that can be cherished for your lifetime together.  Using the lyrics from your first dance would also be a lovely idea.  You can create an overlay with the text, which means that it goes directly over the photo, or you can create a photo wall effect with images and text on multiple canvas prints to by hung up on the wall together.

Picture2 (2)

House rules or family values:

Many households have a basic set of rules that everyone abides by (most of the time) and it can be fun to incorporate a few family values into those rules and put them all together on a canvas print.  Use a family photo as the background or stick with a pattern or solid colour – it is entirely up to you.  We have done a few canvas prints similar to the ones below.  Get the family together for a little bit of fun and let everyone contribute a few rules or values to the list:

Picture3 (2)

There are numerous other ideas that you can explore to find inspiration.  We encourage you to put some thought into how you would like to add your text to photo canvas prints and then get in touch with us.  You can still place your order online and just make a note in the order comments that you would like to add text to your print.  You can then email the text to us and we can help you to put the elements together.

Have fun with it 🙂

All our love