Firstly, a great big THANK YOU to all of our fantastic customers and social media followers for your support through 2017.  You are all amazing!

The festivities and new year celebrations have come and gone so quickly again and we can’t believe that the holidays are almost over.

That said, we are willing to bet that many of you have some really great photos that need to be sorted through and printed 🙂  Photo printing is a great way to personalise your living space.

Print Your Holiday Photos to Canvas

What better way to give new life to those images – print them onto any of our awesome products and hang them up in your home for all to enjoy.

We’ve been doing this for a while now and have really simplified the whole process so that it is easy, stress free and you still get that 100% love guarantee from us.

Follow these easy steps to get your own personalised print made up to your requirements and delivered to you door.

Choose your Image (or Images)

You undoubtedly have lots of photos to choose from so use these tips to narrow down the search:

  • Orientation – do you want a portrait, square or landscape print?  The image will need to be a similar orientation or at least have enough space around the focus so that it can be cropped accordingly.
  • Colour – do you want your image to contrast with the room decor or blend in with similar hues and shades?
  • Emotions – are you looking for an image that shouts fun and excitement or one that is more emotional, showing the love and joy of family time together.
  • Friends or Family…or a collage of everyone perhaps?


Choose the Print Product

We have a few amazing products for you to choose from.  The print media is entirely up to you so consider these options before you decide:

  1. Premium Stretched Canvas
  2. Budget Stretched Canvas
  3. Mounted Canvas
  4. Acrylic
  5. Aluminium
  6. Wood
  7. Social Blocks
  8. Contemporary Framed Print
  9. Boxed Frame

Start Your Order

If you would like to order one or multiple (single image) prints then we highly recommend our online ordering system.  It is simple to use and will guide your through each stage so that you can select your personalised finishes and provide us with all of the information required.  You can pay securely online or opt to do an EFT to us to confirm your order.  Just click here and follow the steps.


If you would like to order a collage or need help with a photo wall layout then you can send us the details via our order enquiry system or directly via email so that our awesome sales and design team can help you with the layouts and quotes.

There are so many great options for photo printing so check our our Pinterest page for some inspiration.

Confirm Layout and Payment

Once we receive your order then our design team will put together a print layout for you to review and approve.  Once approval and payment are confirmed then we will push your order through to our skilled manufacturing team.

Print layouts will be sent to you via email so please ensure that you provide your correct email address and check it regularly during the order process.

layout example for canvas printing (2)

Discounts and Delivery

We offer free courier delivery to central areas nationwide if your order is R400 or more PLUS a 10% discount if your order is R500 or more.  Those are some great savings on prices that are already competitively low!

delivery charges2

So, to sum it all up – we have gorgeous products to choose from, giving you the freedom to use your own precious photos, and creating a product to suit your specific custom size requirements.

Get in touch with us soon so that we can make printing magic happen 🙂

All our love