In this amazing wall art trends article we take a look at the top 6 wallpaper trends!

wallpaper trends for 2023

From murals to wavey stripes, see what everyone will have on their walls this year. 

Wavey stripes, 70s style, and wallpaper in unexpected places (from the ceiling to bookcases) are among the most popular wallpaper trends for 2023. 

Planning to redecorate a room in your home? Whether you want to undergo a full revamp on all four walls, or you’d rather unleash your creativity by making a feature out of wallpaper in a compact space, then you’ll want to tap into these trending wallpaper designs. 

1. Wavey Strips 

Quite literally making waves in the wallpaper world, we have wavey stripes. Wave-patterned wallpaper is perfect to refresh your interiors in 2023, adding softness and fluidity to a space whilst simultaneously elongating walls and offering a new take on the traditional and unmistakably bold stripes. 

2. Dopamine decorating 

For 2023 we’re embracing all things dopamine dressing, and that means vibrant, mood-enhancing wallpapers that ultimately make us feel happy. Whatever colour or pattern, wallpaper designs that instil optimism, motivation and happiness are key to nailing this trend. From your office space to your bedroom, your home will be beaming from wall to wall. 

3. Retro 1970s resurgence 

Retro designs are also set to make a comeback in 2023, with the 70s revival in full swing. To get the look, opt for wallpapers that feature ‘large-scale geometrics on repeating prints, rich and vibrant colours, and curved edges,’ say the design team at Lust Home. And to truly lean into that fun and groovy decade, pair your wallpaper with rattan furniture and shaggy rugs. 

4. Large-scale prints 

2023 is the year to add a statement, with large-scale prints and eye-catching murals expected to be everywhere. 

Interior designer Shanade McAllister-Fisher explains: ‘Prints that are large and loud will be at the forefront of 2023 interiors as we move away from minimalism and towards more bold maximalism-inspired trends – think eye-catching, large-scale colours and prints like geometric patterns – even abstract paint strokes or moody florals. 

5. Tropical and botanical prints 

Inspired by nature, this trend is all about bringing the outside in. Think beautiful palm leaves, tropical birds and flowers, all of which offer escapism and can help to create a sensory journey. Much like with the large-scale prints trend, these botanical patterns are of a larger scale too, so big blousy floral designs will work perfectly here. 

6. Wallpaper in unexpected places 

Using wallpaper creatively will really come into its own in 2023: from papering inside bookshelves and cupboards to adding some visual interest to otherwise plain furniture, as well as lining drawers, wardrobe panels and the front facings of staircases. 

Embrace the latest wallpaper trends and transform your space into a stunning masterpiece.

Whether you’re drawn to wavey stripes, bold prints, or tropical vibes, we’ve got the perfect wallpaper to suit your style.  

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How to choose the right wall art for your home

To achieve a successful result, keep in mind that some modern paintings look their best when hung alone, especially large ones. As for the diptychs, triptychs or works of smaller dimensions, the arrangement in a group can be evaluated, which can give shape to rather captivating combinations.

In the latter case, to avoid an inconclusive result, however, it is recommended to find a common denominator, including:

  • colour: you can choose a chromatic scale or, if you want a surprising and out-of-the-ordinary effect, complementary shades such as yellow and purple;
  • themes: in this case, the focus will be the theme. For example, if you have a passion for the city of Paris, modern paintings with the Eiffel Tower, can-can dancers and croissants will be perfect;
  • shapes: the combination of canvases of the same shape will ensure a somewhat pleasing symmetry to the eye, even if you want to indulge yourself with different dimensions, indeed it will be the latter that will give even more uniqueness and character to the wall;
  • distance: placing the various modern paintings equidistant will allow you to create a perfectly balanced effect, even if they are works of different shapes and sizes. – In this case, however, a careful study of the proportions is necessary, perhaps with the help of an expert professional, who will be able to identify the strong points of each canvas in no time at all;
  • contrast with the furniture: this solution is particularly suitable for those with an eclectic personality who want to abandon the usual clichés.

A striking example is the combination of modern abstract paintings with traditional style furniture or, if the latter is minimalist, one could venture with works depicting Moorish heads, which will give the environment an elegant and refined look.

Wall Art Trends 2023 – Conclusion

Step up and complete the look of your living space using what makes you happiest! Remember to keep your personal artwork decisions to yourself to avoid influence in the change of personality from external factors.

Make art choices your way and ensure they fully accommodate your interests and passions. Create a cosy visual expression for your space and be the one in control your vibe, in and around your space.

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