Tips to decorate your bedroom

Bedrooms are such a personal space and everyone has their own idea of what they want their bedroom to look like. It doesn’t just come down to aesthetics though – many of us want to feel a certain way when we enter our bedrooms. Colour and texture play a big part when we are choosing decor, and finding elements to tie all of our ideas together can sometimes be a little challenging.

Another consideration is cost.  Not all of us can afford to hire a professional decorator, or walk into a boutique furniture store and just let loose with the credit card.  We’re sure there are many of you who would love to walk into Weylandts Umhlanga one day and, after having a look around, get the attention of a sales person and say “Just pack that entire floor display up as-is and deliver it to me by the end of the week please”.

Something we all need to remember when re-decorating is that DIY is a huge industry all on its own, and there are tutorials and YouTube videos to show you how to do just about anything these days.  So, if you are not sure where to start and you are on a budget, or you are just a DIY-enthusiast, then we have a few tips for you to consider.  We are going to focus on bedroom decor ideas in these examples:

Mixing Pillows and Scatter Cushions

You can never have too many pillows (okay, so you can, but how many is entirely up to you).  Get creative with your pillows and scatter cushions.  Don’t be shy to mix patterns and colours like combining floral prints with geometric patterns.


Choosing Artwork

Hanging a large canvas print can solve the common problem of a blank wall above the bed.  A great idea is to keep with the colour or  pattern theme and select an image that compliments the rest of the room.  If your decor is simple and neutral then go for a colourful photograph or bold art print.   Alternatively you can arrange a photo wall of your favourite images in various sizes and orientations.

Craig Louw (Jun2017) with background & logo (1)

Finding Patterns

Finding a duvet cover or bed spread with a gorgeous pattern can be just what you need to lift a plain bedroom.  Other ways to introduce patterns to your bedroom can also include finding the perfect lampshades or a throw for the end of your bed.


Using Bold Prints

Creating a focal wall in your bedroom can be simpler than you think.  There are so many wallpaper and vinyl options available in stores and online – you can choose your favourite print design and even install it yourself.


Introducing Colour

If you want to introduce a specific colour without the long-term commitment then we suggest going with neutral furniture.  You can then use decorative items like scatter cushions, throws, vases, or even a small rug to introduce your colour choice.  This way you can change the colour scheme without having to purchase all new linen and furniture – easy on the eyes and the wallet.


Re-purpose Old Pieces

Use re-purposed furniture pieces in unexpected ways to create an inspired focal point.  Old wooden drawers can be mounted on the wall to create shelves, while those unused dining chairs and a few planks of wood can be re-purposed into a beautiful window seat.


There are so many amazing ideas being shared every day.  Whether you get a professional to put it together or you plan on doing DIY all the way, just have fun and don’t forget to include a little of your personality.  Buying a floor display straight out of a catalogue sounds amazing but it won’t reflect you.

We suggest you get onto Pinterest and just start with a basic search like “DIY bedroom decor”.  We can promise that it will lead you to loads of great ideas for you to try (and probably a few lost hours).

All our love