Canvas photo collages are a great way to show off your photos if you don’t want to put up lots of individual prints. You just need to choose the photos to be included and the end result is a wonderful display of your favourite moments.

Spruce Up Your Home Décor with Canvas Photo Collages

You have lots of options once you have chosen your photos for the canvas collage.

Canvas Size

It is a good idea to have a specific area in mind when ordering your collage.  Consider the total wall space that you have to utilize, so that you don’t select a size that is too big or that will be ‘lost’ on the wall because it is too small.  Our custom size options enable you to choose a size that will be the perfect fit.

Edge Colour

Keep the colour of the images and the overall decor of the room in mind when you are deciding on the edge colour of the canvas.  The most popular choices are white or black, but you can also opt for an image wrap or a colour pick.  The image wrap is when your images extend around the edge of the canvas, but it will depend on your images as to whether this will work or not as you do not want people’s faces to be lost around the edge.  The colour picked option means that our designer will select a common colour from the images and use that as the edge and spacing colour.  The reason you should keep the room decor in mind is so that your collage doesn’t clash, or look out of place in the room.  If the room receives lots of natural light then you can get away with any of the edge options.  It is when the room is smaller, or a bit darker that we recommend you stay away from the black edge, as this can sometimes add to the darkness.  However, that being said – it is entirely up to you and your personal taste, and you may have a specific look in mind.

edge colour

Image Colour

The colour of the images can also be altered.  If you provide us with full colour images then we can alter these to sepia or black and white images if you would prefer.  You also have the option to mix and match, with a few images being in colour and a few in black and white.  If the room is fairly light and neutral then a full colour collage would definitely look amazing, and would add splashes of colour.

image colour

Image Layout

The collage layout is another area that you can customize.  You have the choice between a puzzle block layout or a grid layout:

  • Block puzzle – the images are squares and rectangles of various sizes and fit together like block puzzle pieces
  • Grid – the images are all squares of the same size in a grid-like layout with evenly spaced rows

image layout

Here are a few other points to consider when planning your canvas photo collages.

Print Your Photo Collages on Canvas This Festive Season

A canvas photo collage is the perfect gift for your family or a special friend.  Select images that reflect your love and friendship so that they have a meaningful reminder of treasured moments and happy times.  The gift of giving at Christmas time is the opportunity to let those we love know how important they are to us, and for us, the perfect way to convey that message is with a personalised gift.

personalised gift

If you are not sure of what images they would prefer, or are worried that you might choose the wrong edge or image colours then a great alternative is to gift them with a voucher.

With so many options to choose from, you have the freedom to create something truly special.

Make a note of our festive season order deadlines so that you can place your order in time to receive it before Christmas.

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