Canvas printing has changed the way that people create and display art.  It enables each and every one of us to take an image that means something to us and produce our own piece of art to display absolutely anywhere.  You can use photographs, digital art or images purchased from one of the hundreds of stock sites online.  Canvas prints are so versatile that they are being used in residential, corporate, hospitality and retail spaces around the world.

Application Areas

There are many different ways that you can use canvas prints in a space and we are going to go over a few of the most popular applications with you today.  So let’s get inspired.

Make a Statement Canvas

One of our favourite ways to incorporate a canvas print into your living space is to choose an image that you really love and then print it onto a big canvas.  You would need to consider where you are going to hang your canvas before you select the dimensions, ideally selecting a space that is large enough to handle a large size canvas.  We have produced quite a few statement canvas prints over the years and the result is always spectacular.

Here are a few ideas about where you could incorporate a single large canvas:

large single statement canvas (2)

Canvas Photo Walls

Photo Walls are also sometimes referred to as Gallery Walls and they are a great way to add a dimension to entryways, living rooms and other areas in your home.  A popular design for photo wall canvas prints is for multiple individual prints to follow the wall up a staircase, or down a long passage.

We posted an article a while ago that explains how to plan a photo wall, so go and have a look before you get started.

photo wall canvas (2)

Split Canvas Prints

Split canvas printing is the perfect way to extend your canvas over a larger area and it allows you to direct the eye to certain areas of the image.  We split a single image into a series of multiple canvas prints using various size squares and rectangles.  The most traditional split canvas is to have 3 panels of equal size from left to right, but there are so many other options.  Split canvas prints work well above a large piece of furniture or across a feature wall in your living room.  Here are a few split canvas design ideas to consider when selecting your image.

split canvas (2)

Canvas Collages

Collage canvas prints are a great way to consolidate photos from special occasions or a period in your life that was full of good memories and love.  You could make a collage of your favourite wedding photos, from the “I do” to the first dance,  or choose your best holiday snapshots and create a memory footprint of your travels.  The general idea is to decide on a ‘theme’ and then select the photos that you want to use.  You can add text and have a mix of black and white or colour photos – it is entirely up to you.  We shared an article about how to put together your collages with a few tips on getting started, so go and check that out.

collage canvas (2)

Finished Canvas Product

We have had the pleasure of working with many amazing people over the years and have seen more images that we can count.  The most attractive thing about canvas printing is that it gives us all the chance to express ourselves, and each new print that we do is unique and special.  We don’t all need to be artists to create great art that people can share and enjoy for years to come.  You have the awesome images and we have the canvas printing experience, so get in touch with us and let’s make art together.

All our love