We are regularly asked what materials make up your prints, as well as what our manufacturing process is made up of.  It is understandable for an existing or potential customer to be curious about what kind of quality they can expect before they place an order.  After all, it is better to be informed when making choices, so we are going to go over the key stages of what takes place behind the scenes, from start to finish.

What Equipment and Materials do we Use?

Our most important piece of equipment is definitely our printer.

We print using a Roland Vs640-i digital printer, capable of print resolutions up to 1440dpi.  Our Roland is designed for high definition printing with vivid colour reproductions, and is perfectly suited for the creation of beautiful art pieces.  It is one of the first stages in manufacturing for all of our products and we are not quite sure what we would do with ourselves without it 🙂

canvas printing Roland printer

Stretched Canvas

Your photos are printed in high resolution on our beautiful ColourPro artist’s canvas.  This silky matt satin canvas allows for a stunning vivid colour reproduction of your photos.  Your prints are then expertly hand stretched over a 44mm thick Superwood frame, which includes a solid 3mm Superwood backing board.

stretched canvas front and back (1)

Canvas Printing Process – from Enquiry to your Door


There are a few easy ways for you to find out more about our products.  Our website has loads of information and there is also a handy enquiry section that you can use.  Alternatively you can email us directly using info@canvasprintco.co.za.

We respond to ALL canvas printing enquiries.  We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service to you and our super fast response times and friendly smiles are sure to make your day.

Receive Order Details and Images

We have an awesome online ordering system that allows you to select the product you want, choose the details and then upload your image.  You can add multiple prints to your order and then pay via credit card at the end, or by EFT.  We perform an image quality check on ALL images received, to make sure that it will enlarge perfectly for the size print that you have ordered.  Click HERE for a step by step tutorial on how to order online.

Design Layout

As soon as we have received all of your order details and images, one of our skilled graphic designers will put together a print layout for you to pre-approve.  Absolutely nothing gets printed unless we receive the go ahead from you that you are 100% happy with the layout.  This is the stage where you can make corrections or changes to the image to be printed.  Your layout for your canvas print will show the edge colour that you have chosen and the cropping of your image.  This layout below shows a 3-panel split canvas with a black edge.

layout example for canvas printing


We will need you to email us your approval once you are 100% happy with the print layout.  Your order then gets moved into the manufacturing stage.


We do all canvas printing onsite.  Every image that is printed is scrutinized to make sure that the print is perfect, and that is meets our own high standards and quality checks.

Make the Frame

Our on-site woodworker makes up the frames to size, according to your specific order requirements.  We can produce any size, from 150mm x 150mm up to a maximum of 1200mm x 2400mm.  All of our stretched canvas frames have a backing board to provide additional stability to the frame and the stretched print.  The completed frame is checked thoroughly before being sent to the assembly line.


Our team expertly stretches the canvas print over the frame and staples it securely, and neatly, into place at the back of the frame.  The excess canvas is then trimmed from the back and the finished product goes through additional quality control checks.

canvas printing assembly (BeFunky)


The next step in the manufacturing stage is packaging.  We wrap all of our products in a layer of small bubble wrap if it is being collected.  If the print is being delivered by courier then an additional layer of big bubble wrap is added, followed by a layer of packaging cardboard and fragile stickers to ensure that your print is protected in transit.

packaging canvas prints


We make use of two, well established, courier companies and they are well aware of how important it is to us for your package to arrive safely and perfectly intact.  Should any mishaps occur during transit, and your print is damaged in any way by the courier company, we only require you to take photos of the packaging and print to show us the damage so that we can take it up with the courier.  We offer a 100% guarantee, which means that we will replace your print for you as a matter of urgency.

Happy Customer

We love printing your photos on canvas and we want every customer to have a positive and enjoyable experience, not just in their first encounter, but on an ongoing basis.  All of our prints are hand-crafted with the highest amount of care and attention to detail.  We love to hear from our customers and enjoy receiving photos of their beautiful canvas prints installed.  The testimonials that we receive speak volumes.

testimonials for our canvas prints

We are truly excited to work with you on your canvas printing needs.

All our love