Most businesses have an office, or network of branches, where they conduct business from on a daily basis.  It is important to make this space an inviting area for your customers, to create great first impressions.

Another key point to note is that if your employees are based at the office then they spend a large part of their lives there.  A great way to add colour and life into an office space is to use your canvas prints to reflect the personality of your business and the people who make it work.

We have found a few inspiring ideas for you to consider when decorating your work-space with canvas prints:

  • Bring the outdoors, indoors:

Outdoor landscapes are a popular choice when decorating an office space.  We can all appreciate the beauty of nature.  The sight of a breathtaking sunrise or cascading waterfall stirs emotions in all of us so why not bring those natural wonders indoors?  Creating your own custom print is easy – just choose your favourite landscape and allow us to reproduce that image on canvas for you.  You can have a general theme throughout your office (eg:  beautiful beaches around the world) or go with a variety of landscapes for everyone to admire.  Wildlife imagery and macro photography are also wonderful options to consider.

landscapes wildlife macro

Landscape, Wildlife, Macro
Images from Canvas Print Co stock gallery are free to use for canvas prints ordered with us

  •  Let your walls do the talking:

Finding quotes that share inspiration and words of wisdom can be a great way to motivate your employees and show your customers what you stand for.  A custom canvas print with your business statement or slogan can be a powerful first impression in your reception area.  The general rule is to be creative but stick with easy to read fonts and simple backgrounds so that your message is clearly seen and understood.


  • Staff walls of fame:

A great way to let your customers know who the key players are is to have staff photos printed onto canvas.  You can arrange them in certain areas of the work-space where your visitors are most likely to see them.  A great idea would be to have a wall of fame in your reception, or place them in your boardroom.  You could also personalise them a bit more by adding their favourite quote or saying on their image.

staff quotes

  • Showcase your products/services:

Advertising for your business is a valuable tool and it does not need to be restricted to traditional methods.  If you have customers visiting you at your work-space then you have already won half the battle – they know about you and need your product/service.  Canvas prints are a creative way to show what you are offering.  Showcase your best sellers and new releases by taking high resolution photos of your products and print them on canvas.  Use close ups and different angles to increase appeal.  A great idea for restaurants is to display their most popular dishes.  If your business offers a service then why not arrange a mini photo shoot on site.  Images of your employees at work can show your customers the professional manner in which your team handles themselves.  You can also use images of components or materials that you use in your industry.

products services

The style of canvas prints will be greatly influenced by the type of business you are, as well as the industry in which you operate.  Keep your customers in mind when choosing your images and themes.

We would LOVE to work with you on your project and look forward to hearing from you –