Our corporate print service:

Canvas Print Co is a product of Love Canvas (Pty) Ltd, a Durban based printing and manufacturing company. Whilst Canvas Print Co deliver a wonderful end user experience for our ecommerce clients, many companies across South Africa are turning to us as a premier partner and reliable source for their printed decor.

From photographers and artists, to large corporate companies and design houses, we have the capacity to support any size roll-out. With our high quality products, reliability, excellent pricing, and full guarantee, we allow you to focus on your business priorities whilst knowing that your print work is safely taken care of.

“So a huge thank you to you & your team for making this special! Brilliant customer service and communication – highly recommended!!”

– Tandy–Lynn, Australia

Who we serve:

Artists, Photographers & Designers:

Whether it’s commissioned art works, or showcasing your creative talent within your own gallery, your clients deserve the best in quality and style. Canvas Print Co, is trusted by hundreds of photographers / artists / designers to produce quality print reproductions of their art work. Whilst you take care of the creativity, our job is to ensure that you have complete peace of mind whilst adding real value to your brand.

Corporate Branding:

Many companies make use of their own internal marketing teams to create promotional messaging that sings to their brand’s ethos and culture. Canvas Print Co is trusted by many large corporate companies to fulfil the printed decor required for these initiatives. Our work carries a 100% guarantee, our print quality and workmanship is of the highest standard, and our pricing is one of the most competitive across South Africa. Trust is everything, and that’s why Canvas Print Co adds so much value as a print partner to your brand.

Interior Designers & Decorators:

From shop fronts to restaurants, beautiful homes and spaces, interior designers & decorators trust us with their finishing touches. Whether it’s branding or decor, Canvas Print Co provides the quality finish you need to impress your clients. Our premium canvas prints, acrylic/perspex prints, and framed print options, provide a winning solution for creating beautiful printed decor. We supply a multitude of decorators countrywide, and with a 100% print guarantee plus our super efficient service levels, we are sure to make your day a lot less stressful.

Signage & Design Companies:

Whether it’s a massive roll-out of printed decor, or a couple of canvas prints for your client’s new business, we can assist with our range of printing solutions. With excellent pricing, print quality, and fast turnaround times, Canvas Print Co has developed long standing relationships with many design companies across South Africa. Our premium stretched canvas prints are the perfect cost-effective solution for interior signage and decor. We know that dependability is key, and that’s why so many companies trust us with their work.

“Thank you very much for the incredible work delivered. Four people from the office have already asked for your details based on the quality, price and quick turnaround time.”

– Adriaan, Sandton

Applications of our products:

Promotional Signage:

Canvas printing is a fantastic low cost alternative to traditional signage products, especially in the areas of promotional signage. Not only do our canvas prints provide a beautiful up-market finish, but they can be easily installed without a great deal of expertise. In addition, we provide other product options in the form of our wood prints, acrylic / Perspex prints, mounted canvas, as well as various framed print options.

Wedding Decor:

Calling all wedding designers and decorators, our canvas printing is extremely popular amongst our wealth of resellers. The quality of our prints is second to none, and our wedding decor designers and decorators just love the service and reliability that we provide. Our canvas prints are soft, elegant & timeless, making them the perfect choice for any wedding. Whether it’s printed table seating plans, wedding gifts, a sentimental photo wall, or just general wedding decor for the special day, you can rely on us to consistently provide you with a beautiful high end product.

Corporate Decor Printing:

Canvas Print Co offers a myriad of products perfectly suited to corporate branding and decor. Whether it’s canvas prints, acrylic / perspex prints or framed photography, you can count on a perfectly finished print to compliment your workspace. Create brand associated decor for your reception areas, and communicate your company message to customers and staff. Liven up the workplace with some well appointed decor, it’s just good for the soul.

Commercial Decor:

Canvas printing provides a fantastic low cost alternative for large scale commercial decor projects. Our print quality is amongst the best in the industry, and our service is always on point. We fully guarantee our prints through transit, giving you piece of mind that your order will arrive on time, and looking beautiful. We supply bulk canvas printing services to many clients working on a range of different projects housed within casinos, lifestyle centres, hospitals, hotels, game lodges and more.
Trust us with your next printing project – we are a trusted and preferred canvas print supplier to the industry.

Hospitality Industry:

Create fresh new decor for a range of different hospitality environments: Game & Lifestyle lodges, Hotels, Bed & breakfasts, Golf estates, Spas and more. So many of our clients utilise our print services to produce stunning decor, using canvas prints, acrylic / perspex prints, and our framed print products as their primary medium. Our prints bring a beautiful finish to any type of room, whether it’s a laid back rustic look, or 5 star luxury accommodation, we have the quality to match.
Our prints are cost effective, allowing you to change the look and feel of your space easily, without breaking the bank. Trust us with your printed decor, so many people already do.

Private Interior Decor:

Bespoke private interior design projects are just part of everyday life for our designers and decorators. They trust us with their printed decor needs, because they can rely on us to get the job done on time and with stunning quality. Our full guarantee on print quality helps to bring peace of mind to the project, and has allowed us to gain the trust of so many designers. We add value to their brand as we consistently deliver a high quality product, finished to perfection. We pride ourselves on excellent service, and have fast become the preferred print partner to so many designers and decorators.

Restaurant & Take-Away:

Canvas Print Co specialises in producing high quality print products that are fit for any environment, and that is why our interior designers trust us with their print requirements. From printed decor & designs in the restaurant, to menu boards and promotional materials in the take-away, our canvas prints are cost effective, and perfect for any application. You can trust us to bring reliability and consistency to your projects, whilst providing a full guarantee on our print work.

Art & Photography Galleries:

Canvas Print Co provides print services to artists, designers, and photographers from across South Africa. Our clients display their art and photographic prints within shop galleries, private art galleries, as well as a multitude of online portfolios. Our clients trust us to produce high quality prints in a range of different mediums, including canvas prints, acrylic / perspex prints, wood prints and various framed print products. We offer fast turnaround times, excellent service and back-up, and a 100% guarantee on your print quality, plus safe arrival to your door. Our unbeatable value provides a partnership that our clients can depend on to grow their brand.

“Thank you so much! The canvas came out fantastic, absolutely loved your service.”

– Craig, Bryanston