We are often asked if an image is good enough for printing on our gorgeous products.  How can you check what the image quality and size is, so that you know if it will be suitable for the size canvas print that you have chosen?

The size of the image required all depends on the size canvas you want to print.  For small canvas prints up to size A2 or A1, an image that is at a size of 500kb – 1MB is usually perfectly fine.  For larger prints, from size A1 and up, anything over 1MB – 2MB or larger is acceptable.

The resolution of the image is also very important.  An image with 100dpi, at the actual size, will be suitable for smaller canvas printing. The higher the resolution of the image, the more defined the quality will be, so if you are able to provide an image with a high resolution of 300dpi then that is great.

To check the size and resolution of an image you need to save it to your PC, right click on it, select properties and then you will find the image size under the ‘general’ tab and resolution and image dimensions under the ‘details’  tab.

Image size and quality check

If a digital image size is too small and the resolution is too low then the image may pixelate and blur when it is enlarged for your canvas print.  This can happen unintentionally when a low-resolution image designed for an ordinary computer display is projected on a large screen, or printed in a larger size than intended, and each pixel becomes separately viewable.

Tips for retrieving the best quality image for printing:

  • Set your digital camera to the largest possible resolution.
  • When sending us an image via email from your phone or tablet keep in mind that some email providers automatically reduce the size of the image for quick emailing. Rather plug your device into your computer, and send the original image to us via our online enquiry section or by using one of these easy image sharing tools:

You will reach a page with an upload tool box on the left hand side. If it takes to you the WeTransfer Plus Page – just press skip in the bottom right corner.  Enter our email address, your email address and upload your image(s).  It may take a little while if your image is quite large, but it will work perfectly.

If you have any concerns then please send us your image file.  We can do an image quality check and advise you on whether it is suitable for canvas printing on the size that you would like to use.

We would LOVE to work with you on your project and look forward to hearing from you – info@canvasprintco.co.za

All our love.