More is not always more, sometimes it just means you are going to end up paying more!

We pride ourselves in offering a transparent “pay what you see service” with none of the pesky hidden costs that just pile up!

We have seen other companies with CHEAP prices! But when you are done adding all the ‘extras’ that should come as a standard with any decent quality product… Well, that cheap price suddenly becomes expensive!

Forget the “more, more, and more” hidden cost offering and support a company that prides itself on offering you the BEST QUALITY canvas prints with honesty and transparency at the forefront.

Best of all? NO HIDDEN COSTS!

At Canvas Print Co. we deliver handcrafted canvas prints that represent your identity and capture your memories forever. In today’s virtual landscape, our homes and offices are one of the few places left that can represent who we truly are. You deserve a product that is made with love – let us assist you in personalising your space.

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