We mentioned in our previous article that Perspex Printing and Acrylic Printing are the same things.  Either way is totally acceptable depending on who you are speaking to and which country you are purchasing in.

Why Should I Order Perspex Prints?

A sophisticated and contemporary option, printing onto Perspex (Acrylic) will give your prints a beautiful high-gloss finish, adding style to any room.  Perspex Printing uses natural light to enhance the colours of your photographs or artwork and are perfect for anyone looking to explore different print products.

acrylic print and collage

Where Can I Use Perspex Prints?


Here are a few popular areas where our customers have placed their acrylic prints:

  • personal photos in your living room – create a photo wall or make a statement with one large print
  • serene images in your bathroom – steam is no match for these durable prints
  • corporate branding and logos in or outside of your office – acrylic prints can withstand the elements

We have some fabulous examples to share with you, expanding on the above suggestions, so let’s explore what you can do with your Perspex printing ideas.

Personal Photos

You can use Perspex prints in the same way that you would use stretched canvas prints or contemporary framed prints – in your living room, bedroom or even a selection of mixed sizes in the entrance hall or up the staircase wall.  Display your unique photographs in a photo wall arrangement, or print that single perfect wedding shot or family portrait onto a large Perspex print to create a feature wall.  You still have the freedom to choose whatever dimensions that you need or want, between a minimum print size of 150mm x 150mm up to a maximum size of 1200mm x 2400mm.


Perspex Printing for the Kitchen

You might be a little concerned with hanging a canvas print in an open plan kitchen and dining room, in case the heat and steam from the kitchen damage the canvas over time.  Perspex printing allows you to hang your images anywhere, including the kitchen.  We love it when we receive an order for a print that has a family recipe on it for the kitchen, or some fun kitchen prints with a play on words. If your kitchen has a theme then you can carry that through into your personalised prints too – maybe some Italian art prints, or a photo of that little boutique restaurant that your significant other took you to on your first date.

perspex printing for the kitchen - acrylic splashback

Bathroom Prints

Following on from one steamy area to another…did you know that you can hang Perspex (Acrylic) prints in your bathroom? Well, you can!

We think something serene and calming looks awesome, but it is your space after all and you’ll be the one looking at the print every day while you’re soaking in the bubble bath.  Macro photography is a great way to create interesting visual art pieces from common, everyday things around you.  We have a few stunning images in our stock image gallery that are free-to-use if you print with us – this “herd of elephants” print uses one of the images in our gallery.  Go and have a browse through the different categories HERE.

acrylic b&w elephants in bathroom (1)

Let’s Talk Business Prints

Every office needs signage.  Our Perspex prints look professional and they can withstand the elements so they work brilliantly for advertising your brand and directing potential customers to your door.

  • Your logo at the entrance,
  • A plaque with your business name, contact info and business hours at the entrance,
  • a logo and tagline behind the receptionist’s desk,
  • service testimonials or product images on the walls of the reception and meeting rooms.

company perspex printing ideas

There are a few fantastic benefits of Perspex printing.

  1. They look fabulous
  2. They are durable and easy to hang
  3. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  4. They are very easy to keep clean – just a soft damp cloth to wipe them down and you are sorted.

So, what is your take on Perspex prints?

If you agree with us that they are gorgeous, versatile and just downright perfect for any area then why not hop on over to our website and order your very own.  If you’re not sure then start out small – order a standard size Perspex print and make up your own mind when it arrives.  We are quite confident that you will love it, and that your one lonely little Perspex print will end up with a few friends on a photo wall 😉

We really can’t wait to hear from you so send us an enquiry to discuss your perspex printing ideas.

All our love