Photo Walls are also sometimes referred to as Gallery Walls and they are a great way to add a dimension to entryways, living rooms and other areas in your home.  A popular design for photo wall canvas prints is for multiple individual prints to follow the wall up a staircase, or down a long passage.


When planning for a photo wall we suggest that you consider the following:

  • The total wall space / area that you have to work with (i.e.: width and height)
  • Are you going to do a complete photo wall all at once?
  • OR start in a central point and add to it over time, moving outward?
  • Do you want all of the individual prints to be the same size and orientation (i.e.: portrait, landscape or square)?
  • OR a few large with some small ones between?
  • Do you want them to be uniform maintaining straight edges around the photo wall design?
  • OR do you prefer a slightly off balance look where the images flow but don’t exactly line up?
  • Have fun with it by incorporating different colour and black and white images
  • Create a story

Photo Walls are designed according to the wall space that you want to utilize so you would need to get out a tape measure and make a note of the total height and total width of the area that you would like to fill.  You will then need to consider the number of canvas prints that you would like to include in the photo wall layout.

Example:  A total area of 1000mm height x 1800mm width to include 10 single image prints of various sizes and orientations.

If you have seen a layout design that you would like to use as a guide then it would be a good idea to save a picture of that layout as a reference.

Our team is ready and able to help you with the layout design if you need any assistance.  Our skilled designers can put together a sample photo wall layout with sizes and placement suggestions for you to consider.

We would LOVE to work with you on your project and look forward to hearing from you.  Visit our website for more great ideas.