Canvas Printing Ideas for your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is undoubtedly going to be one of the most memorable days of your life.

We all know what it means to be married but we were curious about what the actual definition of marriage was, so we looked it up:



1. the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal …”a happy marriage”
synonyms: wedding, wedding ceremony, marriage ceremony, nuptials, union

2. a combination or mixture of elements …”her music is a marriage of funk, jazz, and hip-hop”
synonyms: union, alliance, fusion, amalgamation, combination, association… “the piece is a marriage of jazz, pop, and gospel”

The first definition is what we was expecting, but it’s the second definition that we took inspiration from – “a combination or mixture of elements”.

Isn’t that exactly what a wedding is?  A mixture of elements – bride and groom, old and new, traditional and modern, your way and my way, bringing two families together.

Some wedding traditions can be traced back through hundreds of generations, while other traditions are newer.  Brides and grooms around the world are making their own traditions, to add a personal touch to their wedding day.

This is where the mixture of elements comes in.

Some of those tried and tested traditions are amazing, and they have remained tradition for this long because of the meaning they possess.  We’re not saying you should scrap them completely.  We’re just saying that there are lots of fresh and fun ideas that can be incorporated into your wedding.

We would like to focus on the way you communicate with your guests on the day, and how you can add a personal flair to the lasting memories that will be made.

Here are a few awesome ideas of how to use canvas prints in your wedding ceremony and reception:

Choose a Side

An age old tradition during the ceremony is for the guests to choose which side to sit on – bride or groom, but why?

Wedding folklore says that hundreds (thousands) of years ago, kidnappers would often capture the bride in order to steal her dowry.  So, for the groom to keep his sword arm (the right) free, the bride stood on his left.  Today, in spite of the fact that the groom rarely wears a sword nor needs to fend off attackers, you’ll almost always see the bride standing on the groom’s left.  It is traditional for wedding guests to follow suit depending on which side of the family they are from.

This is only one idea behind the act, and unless your families are fastened to this tradition, it is not really necessary.  A great way to help your guests to select their seat is with a canvas print outside of the ceremony entrance.

  1. “Friends and family of the bride and groom, please sit together, there’s plenty of room.”
  2. “Pick a seat, not a side.  You are loved by both the groom and bride.”
  3. “We are all here for the groom and the bride, so please choose a seat anywhere, any side.”

pick a seat not a side canvas prints

Welcome Message, Seating Plan and Order of Day

There can sometimes be a lot to convey to your guests.  Rather than having everyone wondering around not knowing where to go or what to do next, why not put all of the information on strategically placed canvas prints.

  1. Welcome to our wedding
  2. Order of the day and introducing the wedding party
  3. Seating plan for the reception

welcome order of day & seating chart canvas prints

Canvas Prints of your Vows

This is a fairly new idea that has been trending recently and we think it is great.  You already know what your vows are going to be before the wedding (generally), unless they are a surprise for each other.  The idea is to have them printed on canvas before-hand so that you can use them in your photo shoot on the day.   And then…

have that photo of you holding your vows printed onto canvas to hang up in your home!  What’s not to love about this one.

wedding vows on canvas print

We have a few more golden nuggets to share with you for wedding canvas prints but we’ll save that for another day.  For now, why don’t you think about how you can personalise these ideas to work for your wedding day.  Consider your overall theme and colour choice when selecting canvas backgrounds, designs and font types.  Visit our Pinterest page for more inspiring ideas.

This is your day, so have fun with it.

All our love