What is a Collage?

Have you ever cut out a bunch of pictures from magazines and pasted them together along with other non-related items (like dried pasta, leaves, fabric or beads) to make a bigger picture?

Don’t know what we mean?


If you answered yes, then you have made a collage – according to the traditional definition.

If you answered no then don’t feel left out, you’re never too old to grab a piece of paper or cardboard and make use of that empty cereal box and sewing scraps – get creative.  It’s actually quite therapeutic and it’s the foundation for making a vision board…this is very trendy right now 😉

The original collage concept is where the idea of creating a photo collage print actually came from.  The idea (like most great ideas) has changed and evolved over time, with people adding their own spin on it.

A photo collage print differs from the usual collage appearance because we don’t use the photographs to create a bigger picture.  We use them to showcase special memories, or to tell a story.

pregnancy & birth collage (wide header) cropped

Why choose a collage?

Not everyone has the wall space to hang multiple prints – especially in small apartments or dorms.  With photo collage prints, you are not forced to choose a single favourite image from a collection of potentially hundreds or thousands.  You have the freedom to select lots of photographs to be displayed all together in a photo collage.  A collage could also be the answer if you have a few photos that you want to have on display, but your budget is a bit tighter than you’d like.

So, you want a collage of your photographs but you’re not sure where to start.  We’ve put together a step by step guide of how you get from here (with no collage) to sitting on your sofa with a coffee (or wine) in hand, admiring your beautiful custom, one of a kind, photo collage print.

Ready to get started?

GREAT! Let’s crack on 😉

Ordering a Photo Collage Print

Our order process is simple and efficient to make sure that you have a stress-free, positive ordering experience – from the first enquiry to receiving your finished print.

Here’s how you can order your collage print – you have 2 options:

Option 1 – Using Our Templates

Click HERE and follow the steps to create your custom printed photo collage using one of our templates.  Once the info is submitted to us then we will get in touch with you to finalise the details.  Please note that this order option can only be used for CANVAS photo collage prints.  If you would like your collage to be printed on one of our other products, then you will need to use Option 2 below.

Option 2 – Custom Size and Layout

If you would like to customize the print size and image quantity and can’t find exactly what you want in our templates, then you can click HERE to send us the basic details.  Our awesome sales team will get in touch with you to process the order.

You will need to consider the following before ordering:

  • Choose one of our awesome print products.  We can create your collage using canvas, acrylic, wood, aluminium, framed or gallery print – the choice is yours.
  • Check the wall area that you have to work with – factor in light switches, door frames and furniture that could obstruct the view of your gorgeous print.  Then decide on the total size that you would like your print to be.
  • Consider how many images you would like to display in your collage and then choose your photographs.  We recommend copying them into a separate folder so that you are not trying to remember which ones need to be sent to us.

collage canvas - family photos

Our design team will put together the collage design layout for you to review.  We will begin manufacturing your custom print as soon as the design layout is approved and payment has been confirmed.

You can place your order online for canvas collage prints, otherwise, if you want a different product or need some guidance with the number of photos, photo quality, print size and collage layout then you can send an enquiry directly to our fabulous team.

We can’t wait to work with you so get in touch with us!

All our love