Have you ever wondered why canvas prints make great gifts? In this EPIC article, we take a look at answering that question!

If you need a unique gift to give your loved ones, we personally think there is no better option than canvas prints.

Canvas prints make wonderful photography gifts because they are so personal and pretty unique. It’s likely that your loved ones won’t be expecting anything like it.

As an added bonus, canvas prints can become a prominent (and great conversational) piece in your home.

We believe that canvas prints are one of the best photography gift ideas, too!

Here is a list of other reasons why canvas prints make great gifts.

Canvas Prints Look Great

Canvas prints are absolutely gorgeous and versatile, plus we offer a wide variety of finishes on our canvases, ranging from matte to glossy.

In this way, you can easily create canvas prints that work with any type of home.

  • Matte prints work best in traditional environments since they offer an ultra-low glare finish. Semi-gloss paints also work well in traditional homes because they can emulate an oil painting.
  • Glossy prints and iridescent prints both look excellent in more modern environments since they catch more light.

Canvas Prints Last Long

At Canvas Print Co we promise that each of their canvas prints will last a lifetime because we only use high-quality products along the way.

From the ink to the canvas, and even the construction in between, we put a lot of thought and LOVE into our products. The end result is a canvas print that is of a museum grade quality. So long as you don’t hang your canvas print in direct sunlight, it should last decades.

They’re Well Made

We only use the highest of the commercial-grade inks that are made for use outdoors in order to prevent your canvases from fading over time.

You may see other canvas printing companies often using water-based inks as a cost-cutting measure, however, they will bleed if they get wet and they fade so easily.

Unlike other canvas companies, we also put each one of our canvases together by hand. This prevents the canvas from warping over time.

They’re Affordable

Despite the fact that we create all of our products with high-quality ingredients, we have made sure that they are still really affordable.

Unlike other prints, such as metal, which can be incredibly pricey, canvas prints cost just a little bit more than paper prints.

Even huge pieces you can buy for your friends and family to hang over their couches or master beds would cost less than most other equally impressive gifts!

So what are you still waiting for, order your loved ones awesome and unique canvas wall art gifts today! We also have gift vouchers available for purchase on our website!

At Canvas Print Co. we deliver handcrafted canvas prints that represent your identity and capture your memories forever. In today’s virtual landscape, our homes and offices are one of the few places left that can represent who we truly are. You deserve a product that is made with love – let us assist you in personalising your space.

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