Getting engaged, and married, is a very special time.  It can be chaotic and stressful but it is also a time to cherish.

Planning a wedding causes a whirlwind of emotions.  What starts as pure joy with the proposal can suddenly morph into sleepless nights and possibly some tension over the seating chart.

One thing that you don’t need to worry about is signage at your wedding.

We’ve got you covered.

You may be thinking – what on earth do I need signage at my wedding for!  But you’d be surprised.

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Communicate with your Guests

Your guests need to know where to go and what to do when without having a troop of Oompa Loompas running around explaining things to each person over and over.

  • Order of the day – this breaks down estimate timings from when everyone needs to be seated for the ceremony to when the snacks will be served and what time the reception kicks off.
  • Seating plan – if you want your guests to sit at specific tables, in a particular seat, then you need a seating plan.
  • General instructions and special messages to your guests during the course of the day.

A great way to get all of these messages across is by using custom wedding canvas prints.  You are not restricted to only canvas though – you can have your print made using whichever product suits the overall theme and style of your special day. A few popular options to consider would be:

It is important to consider where the wedding canvas prints will be placed – how big does the print need to be so that everyone can see it and what will the lighting be like – will it be inside or outside and is the weather going to be unpredictable.  If you are having an evening wedding, lit by soft fairy lights, then light or white wedding canvas prints will be easier to see than dark colour prints.

We have a few beautiful ideas on how you can incorporate wedding canvas prints into your special day.

Getting Engaged Comes First

Obviously, there is no wedding without a proposal.  It’s very popular to have an engagement shoot where you either stage the proposal that already happened or you just have a fun shoot to reflect the love and happiness you share.

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Inspiration for your Wedding Canvas Prints

As we mentioned before, there are many ways to incorporate custom prints into your wedding day, and a few of our favourite ideas are:

Welcome and Order of the Day

Welcoming your guests and letting them know what takes place when and where is quite important.  We think one or two strategically placed Order of the Day wedding canvas prints would be way prettier than 150 little pamphlet timetables flapping around – and more eco-friendly too.

pick a seat not a side canvas prints (2)


Table Numbers or Table Names

Generally, each table is given a name or number so that each guest can easily find their way to their seat.  We’ve seen couples use custom canvas blocks or framed prints to decorate the tables with this information and it can be quite lovely.  Another idea is to place a little sign on each table asking your guests to tag you in their social media posts with a special hashtag.

Seating Plan

Numbering, or naming, your tables is important.  You need to show your guests who will sit where, by putting their names alongside their corresponding table.  A large printed seating plan is usually the go-to tool for providing this information.  You could use any print product of your choice and design the plan using fonts and colours that match your theme.  Incorporate photographs of the happy couple or use pretty flourishes to finish it off.  Get creative!


Guest Book Print

The traditional guest book is still a great touch but it is becoming more popular to go the route of a custom print.  Guests can either sign their name, add a colour-inked fingerprint or share a special message.  The newlyweds can then hang the personalized piece of art in their home to remember the people who were present on their wedding day.


There are lots of variations to these ideas so head on over to our Pinterest boards to get started.  You will likely get caught down the Pinterest rabbit hole but hopefully, you will come out with a few golden idea nuggets.

Get in touch with us to chat about your ideas or go straight to our order page if you know what you want.

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