We are proudly South African and so grateful to be a part of an incredible local community!

You may not be able to buy happiness, but you can support locals – which is pretty much the same thing!

Check out our awesome “Local is Lekker” canvas printing options below!

Premium Canvas Prints

High-Quality Artist Grade Canvas Prints.

Our premium stretched canvas prints provide a beautifully soft, warm, and modern feel to your space – making them the perfect addition to any home. Your photos are printed in high resolution on our beautiful ColourPro artist’s canvas. This silky-matte, satin canvas allows for stunning vivid colour reproduction of your photos. Your prints are then expertly hand-stretched over a 44mm thick Superwood frame, which includes a solid 3mm Superwood backing board. All of our frames are supplied with hanging accessories.

Slimline Canvas

Cost-Effective Canvas Printing without Compromise.

Our Slimline Canvas Prints provide a wonderful low-cost option for gifting, home decoration, corporate branding, and art reproductions. Create beautifully soft, warm, and modern prints for your home, customized to your style. Print your photos in high resolution on our new Bright White ColourPro Artists Canvas,

Acrylic Prints

Sleek and Modern High-resolution Acrylic Prints also known as Perspex Prints.

Our acrylic prints (also known as perspex prints) produce a beautiful glass-like finish suitable for any modern space. Your photos are printed in high resolution onto a long-lasting polymeric film and then reverse mounted onto a 3mm, optically clear acrylic sheet. A white polymeric film backing allows the colours to simply pop through the face of the acrylic, creating a wonderful 3D effect. All of our acrylic prints are supplied with mounting tape or an additional option of chrome spacers.

Wood Prints

Create Warmth and Beauty with our Stunning Wood Grain Prints.

Our wood prints produce a beautiful light-grained texture to your photo, providing a relaxing and warm feel to your space. Your photos are printed onto a transparent layer of film, then laminated with an additional protective layer for a silky, satin finish. Your photo print is then pressure applied to a 9mm sheet of beautifully prepared Birch Plywood. The light coloured areas of the transparent print allow the natural textures and colours of the Birchwood to seep through. All of our wood prints are supplied with mounting tape for easy installation.

Box Frame Prints

Create Custom High-End Framed Art.

Rather than having glass covering your print, we allow the soft satin textures of the gallery print to remain uncovered, providing a stunning modern art finish. We print your photo onto a high-quality silky, satin vinyl, which is pressure mounted to a slim, 5mm thick, high-density board, and then inserted into a sturdy 30mm profile frame to create a stunning box-framed gallery print. We offer two choices of frame colour, a slightly glossy modern white finish, or a dark satin black.

All our frames are supplied with hanging accessories.

Collage Canvas Prints

Create Custom-printed Collages of Your Most Precious Memories.

Whether it’s memories of a holiday, a year full of family events, or a special collection for that someone special, a printed photo collage is the perfect way to show your love. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas gifts, and the art of capturing memories…a printed photo collage on canvas is the most heart-warming gift for any occasion.

Social Blocks

Create a Memory Wall with all your Favourite Facebook and Instagram Pics.

Create a beautiful selection of photos on your wall, reflecting the special memories stashed away in all of your Facebook, Instagram, and personal digital albums. These great little blocks come in two sizes: small (150mm squares) and large (300mm squares). Your photos are printed in vivid colour on stunning high-quality semi-gloss paper, which is then mounted to a 16mm Shutterply wooden block. These little prints are fantastic for any room, creating photo walls for your friends and family. They also allow you to add more as your memories are created – which we hope is always. All of our social media block prints are supplied with mounting tape for easy installation.

Aluminium Prints

Create Stunning Prints with our Modern Metallic Prints

Our stunning aluminium prints provide a beautiful metallic sheen to your photos, creating an iridescent reflective colour effect. These prints are simply amazing for high-resolution photos with wonderful bright colours. Your photos are printed onto a transparent layer of film, then laminated with an additional protective film for a silky satin finish. Your photo print is then pressure applied to a 3mm sheet of brushed silver aluminium, composite board, also known as DiBond. This amazing product is perfectly suited to delivering a gallery-style showpiece within your home. All of our aluminium prints are supplied with mounting tape or an additional option of chrome stand-off spacers.

Wallpaper Prints

Create Your Dream Interior with our Stunning High-quality, Custom-printed Wallpapers

Make a statement in your home or office with a custom printed wall mural. Find the perfect wall covering design for your interior space, and transform your vision into reality with our luxurious custom-printed wallpapers. Transform your business or office space with a striking wall mural that enhances and compliments your brand. Create one-of-a-kind backdrops or present your brand identity with that wow factor! Our custom printed wallpapers are available in both a peel-and-stick and a traditional paste-on-wall option. You will receive a free layout for you to approve or request adjustments.

At Canvas Print Co. we deliver handcrafted canvas prints that represent your identity and capture your memories forever. In today’s virtual landscape, our homes and offices are one of the few places left that can represent who we truly are. You deserve a product that is made with love – let us assist you in personalising your space.

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