Same, same – but different.

Okay, you got us.  They’re not the same thing at all.  We’ll explain how they differ from our other products in a bit more detail just now but let’s first look at what is the same.


Yup.  Along with our other fantastic print products – our Acrylic Prints and Aluminium Prints are both top notch quality.  Some of you are thinking “they’re a little biased though” – but seriously, all of our print products are made using the absolute best materials, sourced personally by the owners of Canvas Print Co.

Let’s look at how the word QUALITY is applied to the decisions and processes on a daily basis.

  • Quality materials being used to make the products that you receive
  • Quality workmanship that goes into making each print that leaves our site
  • Quality spot checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that only the best is sent out
  • Quality customer service is given to each one of our amazing customers

Which means that we keep getting orders from our Quality customers – that’s you 😉

Don’t take our word for it though – visit our Facebook page and scroll through the many awesome reviews from our happy customers.

testimonials for our canvas prints

If there is any doubt in your mind that our prints are amazing quality, then we challenge you to place an order now.


Choose your product, size and customisation options and upload your image before going to checkout to pay.  We’ll stick with our usual high-standards to make it for you and if you are not 100% happy with your print then you can invoke our 100% LOVE GUARANTEE.

love guarantee

What is our 100% LOVE GUARANTEE, you say?

All our prints come with a 100% love guarantee, you either love it, or we’ll fix it.  Whether it’s a replacement or refund, your satisfaction is our highest priority.

All our prints are hand-crafted with the highest amount of care and attention to details.  We absolutely love what we do, and we know you will love it too.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get into the details of what makes our Acrylic Prints and Aluminium Prints different, and why we think that you should give them a try.


The Acrylic Prints and Aluminium Prints are light-weight, durable and easy to install.  You have the option to install your custom prints using double-sided picture hanging tape or chrome spacers.  Either option will work perfectly but we do tend to favour the end-result given by using the chrome spacers.  They perfectly contrast with the glass-like finish of the acrylic as well as compliment the brushed metal-look of the aluminium.  The choice is ultimately yours.

acrylic truck print


  • Do you need a print that can withstand the elements?
  • Do you want a sleeker finish for your modern home?
  • Do you need to showcase your business branding and products at the office?

If you answered yes to even just one of these questions, then our Acrylic and Aluminium Prints are just what you need.  Besides the fact that they look fantastic, they provide a professional look for your office and compliment the modern finishes around your home.  Working beautifully with marble and granite tops, large open rooms with high ceilings and lots of light, and neutral colour palettes.

custom acrylic prints - header

What are some key differences between the two?

Acrylic Prints

Our stunning high-resolution Acrylic Prints offer a visual explosion of high definition colour which simply takes your breath away.   Sometimes referred to as Perspex prints, they produce a beautiful glass-like finish suitable for any modern space. Your photos are printed in high resolution onto a long-lasting polymeric film and then reverse mounted to a 3mm optically clear acrylic sheet.  A white polymeric film backing allows the colours to simply pop through the face of the acrylic, creating a wonderful 3D effect.

Acrylic - Close up - spacers 2 (for email)

Aluminium Prints

The Aluminium Prints produce a stunning brushed-metal effect through your image, providing a jaw-dropping pop of HD colour.  The beautiful metallic sheen creates an iridescent reflective colour effect. These prints are simply amazing for high-resolution photos with wonderful bright colours.  Your photos are printed onto a transparent layer of film, then laminated with an additional protective film for a silky satin finish.  Your photo print is then pressure applied to a 3mm sheet of brushed silver aluminium composite board, also known as DiBond. This amazing product is perfectly suited to delivering a gallery style showpiece for your home or office.

Aluminium print of asian landscape on wall

Both Acrylic Prints and Aluminium Prints are a great choice for your next project and we’d be happy to help with your decision if you are not sure which one to choose.  You can send us an enquiry with your image, dimension requirements and include a few short details about where you want to use the print.

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We look forward to working with you soon.

All our love