What is Aluminium Printing?

Did you know?

Aluminium Prints are also sometimes referred to as metal prints, depending on who you are speaking to.  A stunning silver sheen bursts through your aluminium print providing a spectacular pop of HD colour.

Our aluminium prints provide a beautiful metallic-look to your photos, creating an iridescent reflective colour effect.  These prints are simply amazing for high-resolution photos with wonderful bright colours.

How do we make Aluminium Prints?

Your photos are printed onto a transparent layer of film, then laminated with an additional protective film for a silky satin finish.  Your photo print is then pressure applied to a 3mm sheet of brushed silver aluminium composite board, also known as DiBond.  This amazing product is perfectly suited to delivering a gallery style showpiece for your home, office or showroom.  All our aluminium prints are supplied with mounting tape or an additional option of chrome stand-off spacers.  We love the spacers and think they finish off the aluminium print beautifully.

Aluminium print of asian landscape on wall

Why should I choose an Aluminium Print?

Aluminium printing is a very modern way to show off your beautiful pictures – whether you choose to print photographs or digital art prints.  The metal-like sheen adds extra depth to the images and creates quite a striking look.  Aluminium prints work perfectly with any image but you will see an extra pop with images that are brightly coloured.

Like all of our other amazing print products, you can select absolutely any size that suits your requirements, from a minimum of 150mm x 150mm up to a maximum size of 1200mm x 2400mm.  All you need to do is measure the wall space that you have to work with, from ceiling to floor, account for any potential interferences (like light switches) and then we can help you work out the best size print (or prints) for that space.

Are there any examples that I can draw inspiration from?

Of course!

You’re in the right place for ideas. We’re overflowing with ideas!

And a few of our customers have inspired us with their own gorgeous aluminium print orders.

Large Panoramic Prints

The most popular aluminium printing orders that we receive are for large panoramic prints.  They make for a perfect feature wall and I’m sure you can understand why.  We especially love the images of a cityscape on the edge of the water – the reflections and lights make the whole print just burst with colour and dimension.

aluminium panorama london thames at night (1)

Split Aluminium Printing

Split canvas prints are extremely popular but did you know that you can do split aluminium prints too?

You just need to work out what size you want each panel to be, and how many panels you want, and then send one high-resolution image.  Hey, presto! You’ve got yourself a gorgeous one-of-a-kind split aluminium print.  If you’re struggling with the panel sizes then send us an enquiry with your image and total size that you need to work within – our team can help you calculate the rest.

aluminium split set sailing moon river

Business Prints

Does your workspace or showroom have an industrial décor look, with lots of exposed brick and stainless steel or chrome finishes?

Aluminium prints will carry that theme through with the brushed metal look.  A restaurant can print moreish photos of their cuisine or snapshots of patrons enjoying the ambience.  Suppliers of machinery and tools would be delighted with prints showing off the latest products, or photographs from an impressive site that you’ve worked on.  One of our customers even used their beautiful aluminium prints for a tradeshow stand, receiving a great response. 

aluminium prints for trade show

How to order?

We have created a user-friendly online ordering system that directs you through each step of the process, making sure that you select the relevant options.  Fill in all of the requested information and click on the checkout button – you can choose to pay then and there using our secure payment option or pay later via EFT and we will get all of the order details sent straight to us.

We offer a 100% Love Guarantee because we want you to love your prints as much as we love making them for you.

You can find more inspiration on our Pinterest boards and you are welcome to get in touch with our sales and design team to discuss your ideas.

All our love