We had such a great response from our Kids Art Canvas Prints article, so thank you!

Your enthusiasm made us want to look into this area a little more, to come up with additional great ideas for canvas prints that kids can enjoy.

We dug deep on this one…like way down…and we spoke to people around us to find out what other kids liked.

The general consensus is that kids love to be creative – whether it is with building blocks, a bucket and spade in mud, or a box of paints for a little art project.  Most kids also love to get messy and sensory play activities are a great way to encourage creativity.

We have a few awesome ideas of how you can use canvas prints to create fun activities for your kids.  Keep in mind that it is October already (how did that happen) and we’re not sure if you will take this as good news or bad news but there are only 2 months left until December holidays begin!  Let’s start putting together some fun stuff for the kids to do at home.

Personalised Art Canvas Prints

As we mentioned in our last article – kids absolutely love seeing their artwork up on the wall, displayed for everyone to see.  Our previous article was dedicated to how you can scan your child’s artwork and create artwork canvas print collages to display – as well as reduce the paper piles 😉

canvas prints collage of kids art

The idea around these Art Canvas Prints is slightly different.  You can order prints with your child’s name and or age and then leave a space for them to get creative.  Let them go to town with crayons, markers or paint – to create their own perfect little masterpiece – then hang them up and create an art gallery wall.

Colour-by-Numbers Canvas Prints

You know the concept – an outline of a picture with numbers in various sections, and a colour key to tell you which colour to use in which section.

This canvas prints variation is done by printing a colour-by-numbers outline image onto any size canvas that you choose.  The colour key can be printed on the side of the canvas so that it is easy to see, without being on the face of the canvas, obstructing the overall image.  Your child can colour in the colour-by-numbers using markers or paints.  We found a few colour-by-numbers images to get you started here.

Illustration of a child's hands coloring a color by number page with markers all around

Milestone Canvas Prints

This is how we see this working…

Order a set of prints for either primary school or high school, or both – with each grade or year printed at the top. Include other sections to include information on things that are special to you and your family.  Each year your child can decorate the print with paint and/or markers.  A few ideas to include could be:

  • My favourite colour is:
  • My favourite thing to do with my family is:
  • My favourite school activity is:

3D Textured Canvas Prints

This crafty idea will be a hit with your little ones.  Order your canvas prints with any simple image – a ballerina silhouette, a fire truck, a butterfly or race track.  Choose something that is a highlight for your child, something that they are excited about.

Now, here comes the fun part – kit yourself out with odds and ends, bits and bobs and little knick-knacks to decorate your canvas.  Glue the accessories onto the print with your child and enjoy the creative time together.  A few decoration ideas are:

  • Seashells
  • Buttons
  • Sequins
  • Fabric scraps
  • Coloured pipe cleaners
  • Fabric flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter glue

kids crafts canvas prints

If you have any other ideas, then we would absolutely love for you to share them with us!  It would be fun to do a follow-up article to share the inspiration for future projects.

If you need some more inspiration, then pop over to our Pinterest boards and have a look around.

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