We have discussed quite a few awesome ideas over the past few weeks.  From using your holiday photographs to make memory prints, to incorporating canvas prints into your special occasion (do we hear wedding bells?)


The fantastic thing about canvas prints is that they are just so darn versatile.  And don’t forget about the fact that they are extremely easy to order and even simpler to install yourself.  We provide you with everything you need to hang your gorgeous print (or prints) up in your home, office, store…wherever!

So, we’re getting on in the year and 2019 is more than halfway through.

What does that mean?

(other than September stress and Christmas anxiety 😉 )

It means that all of you parents out there are probably wading through piles and piles….and piles of school art that your darling little angel has created in a flash and brought home to be kept and treasured forever.  Well, that’s our situation anyway.

Oh my goodness though…what on this earth do we do with all of the art! We do NOT have enough walls in our home.


There are pages stuck on the fridge with magnets.

There are pages accumulating on the coffee table.

There are pages on our desk so that we can look at them in awe while we work.

There are pages in just about every room!

Don’t laugh.  If you’re a parent then you know exactly what we are talking about and if you have kids on the way, or planned in your future then just take this as a warning of what is to come.

kids painting rainbow-1140420_1920


It is beautiful and special and should be treasured, but with everyone trying to minimize clutter and downsize to have a simpler life, there is just no sustainable way to keep it all.

If you have a genius plan for storing your child’s art then by all means, please share it with us.

If you are not sure what to do with it all then stick around – we have a plan!

The Burning Question!

So, how do we store the art while still being able to see it and enjoy the memory that it conjures up?

Canvas Prints!

Yup, you read that right.  We know it may sound confusing – you already have a pile (or two or three) of art and now we’re telling you to get canvas prints done of more art…insert confused look here.

Hear us out though.

Step One

Walk around your house collecting ALL of the art that you can find.  Stuck up on the fridge, on surfaces scattered around the house…and yes, in that random drawer that seems to attract everything that doesn’t quite have a home of its own.

Step Two

Now, this may be a tough one for some of us.  Throw away the art that is torn, crumpled, missing parts…or just downright rubbish and you’re not entirely convinced that your Michelangelo even drew it.

Step Three

Organise it as best you can into age categories.

                This pile was from Pre-Primary…this pile was from Grade R…this pile was from Grade One…

You get the idea.

Step Four

Select a great pick-me-up album on Spotify, or play your favourite radio station and let the scanning begin.

You will want to scan each piece of art one at a time, in full colour and in the highest resolution that your scanner can handle.  Save the PNG/JPEG images to your PC – in folders to keep and sort through later.  For the bigger pieces of art, you may like to try a scanning app on your phone, or take them to the local print shop and pay the nominal fee for them to scan for you.

Step Five

Check that all of the images have scanned through properly and if you are happy then you can take the scanned piles of art to the recycling.  By all means, keep the special drawings and paintings if you want to but the rest can go.

Step Six

Choose the art images that you would like to display.  You are not limited by how many canvas prints you can afford because you can create art collages and display multiple art images on one single canvas print.

canvas prints collage of kids art

Step Seven

Place your order online or via email for your canvas prints.

Step Eight

Enjoy seeing your child’s art displayed in a neat and organised way.  By converting it all to canvas prints, you are getting rid of clutter and giving yourself some personalised art for your home.  Kids love to see their art up on the wall for everyone to enjoy, so can you just imagine how chuffed they would be if you put a few art collage canvas prints in their own bedroom.

We absolutely LOVE this idea and we hope you like it too.  When you decide to get cracking on this little project then please get in touch with us!  Follow us on Facebook to see our posts about our showcases, inspiring ideas and articles.

All our love