We were wondering how much money the average person spends on gifts each year, so we did a quick Google search.

According to Google, the average South African spends approximately R1500 – R2000 (often more) on Christmas gifts alone!  That annual gift-spend estimate increases when you add on amounts spent for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Anniversaries.


Are you a regular gift-giver?

Do you have an idea of how much you spend each year on gifts?

We estimated our own spend, accounting for special occasions and people that we would normally spoil – the figures are actually quite astonishing.

So, considering how often you buy gifts for other people – what type of gifts to you buy?

Are they always top quality or do you buy whatever you can find the day before or the morning of if you’re a last-minute Lucy? …sorry Lucy.

Don’t you find that when you leave gift-buying to the last minute you often end up spending more than you intended, and you are more likely to get something that isn’t exactly what you wanted?

Who do you buy gifts for more often?  We realised that we buy gifts for our parents fairly regularly.  There is Mom’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Dad’s birthday, Father’s Day, their Anniversary and then Christmas.  Even if it is just flowers or chocolates, it is still a gift.

Consider this:  flowers that last a few days (chocolate a few minutes) VS a personalised gift that will last years.

If these questions are causing some A-HA moments then we think you should give us a call, or pop us an email.  Let’s talk because we have a few fabulous gift suggestions for you.  It just takes a little planning to buy the ideal gift at a reasonable price.

So, what is the perfect gift you ask?

Canvas Prints of course!

You’ve now joined one of two groups –

  1. Those that know us, and knew that we were going to say “Canvas Prints” – thanks for visiting again
  2. And those that are newbies to our page and possibly need a little more info – welcome

Why are Canvas Prints great gifts?

We say “WHY NOT!?” but we know you’re searching for real answers here 😉

Our Canvas Prints are amazing for a few reasons:

  • We love printing your photos on canvas so a lot of love and care goes into making our products
  • Our prints have been rated the best quality canvas prints in South Africa
  • We provide guaranteed safe delivery anywhere in South Africa
  • Our products come with a 100% Love Guarantee on print quality and workmanship
  • We offer world-class customer service

These statements are pretty bold but we can back them up.  If you need proof, then just pop over to our Facebook page and read the hundreds of amazing reviews that have been posted by our happy customers.

Top Testimonials - Vikash

How are Canvas Prints great gifts for parents?

Let’s be honest – parents love to put up photos of their beloved children and grandchildren so that they can proudly show their friends when they visit.

You can create custom canvas prints for your parents or grandparents using beautiful photographs taken during a family photoshoot or from the candid pics you have on your phone and digital camera.  A few popular print choices are:

  • Collages canvas prints – include as many photos as you would like, choosing from one of our standard layouts or going with a custom layout.
  • Split canvas prints – this is when a single photograph is printed over multiple canvas panels. The end result is very effective and is a great option for a large wall.
  • Photo wall sets – you can choose multiple photos to be printed on individual canvases and then hang them together on the wall to create a feature
  • Text canvas prints – did you know that you can add text to a canvas? It is a great way to share a special message.

Canvas Prints from digital Photos - gifts (2)

You have so many options to choose from, and we are here to guide you through each stage of the order process so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.  We want you to have the best buyers experience with us and the thought of you receiving the perfect print just warms our hearts.

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All our love